By improving the depth and outcome of business partnerships with vendors or other businesses, bettering program execution and compliance, facilitating agreements, or improving the output of sales teams, we deliver results through improved mutual benefit outcomes and removing roadblocks to superior outcomes.

Operators, business partnerships, and vendors will see enhanced value and results through facilitated examination of synergies, best possible outcomes, and new business opportunities between the parties. Outcomes in relation to expectations will become dramatically improved through program oversight and facilitation.

Sales organizations will see improved results through specialized direction, enhanced marketplace, customer and prospect understanding and relationships, as well as personalized training and approaches at leadership and individual levels. By utilizing improved accountability, organizational and sales techniques, customer feedback and focus approaches, you will ensure results are consistently Above The Line.

Consultations are without cost, and support agreements are guaranteed in terms of ROI.

Jason Cheskes, President, has over 25 years experience as both an operator and vendor. He was the first non-operator ever to serve as President of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association - ORHMA, for the Greater Toronto Region. He has focused on developing and executing approaches that have resulted in Above The Line performance in every one of his over 14 years with a global, industry leading, U.S. based corporation, Ecolab. In each role, whether personal sales, team leadership, corporate/chain account partnerships, running a national distributor program, or as Director of Corporate Accounts responsible for over $100 million annual sales, he has exceeded targets each and every year, and proven that authentic partnerships and skilled sales and leadership approaches, are the keys to the best mutual outcomes and results.


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